Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh yea...I forgot this, too.

Remember the badass paint-drip looking PhotoShop concoction Beth showed us? And how it was actually long, shaky exposures to lightbulbs and stuff?


Well, the funny thing is, I'd been tinkering with that exact same sort of idea several months ago. I thought I'd show you what I was working with...

It's not as cool as Beth's because I only used a few layers, but I like it. The pictures were just taken on my digital, driving around downtown at night and snapping shots of the street lights out of the sunroof.

Yep. There ya go.

Also, this:

Just because I think it's cool. I used generally the same technique and applied it to an existing photo I found online.

...makes cool wallpapers! :-)

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spyroterra said...

Have you ever used Zoomify in Photoshop CS3? It might be perfect for images like this.