Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Emery

So I guess I forgot to post yesterday. Oops. It was in my head, though.

I came to the realization yesterday that I'm much happier when I'm making music. I've been ignoring my instruments lately because of how busy I've been with school and work. This weekend I started to pick them up again when a friend came over to jam.

It felt great.

I really needed something to break the monotony.

Also, I found out something really cool today. One of the guitarists for the band Yes, Trevor Rabin, is now a film music composer. He did the soundtrack for Gone In 60 Seconds, Rock Star and Snakes on a Plane. Among others, of course.

I thought that was really neat.

P.S. Why does software have to be so damn expensive??

Edit ::

I forgot to put this link on here:

AmpLive - Rainydayz Remixes

I assume you all know about Radiohead's new album release a few months ago. ( Well, AmpLive did a bunch of remixes of the album and after a tiny legal battle, its now free on the web. Check it stuff.

That is all.

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