Monday, January 28, 2008

What if...

I didn't do this assignment?
time travel was possible?
there was an inverse to gravity?
the world was in black and white?
no 2 people saw the same color?
I kicked my computer?
David Lee Roth made ringtones and alarms?
cars had the same controls as airplanes?
the Hokey Pokey is what its all about?
McDonalds ketchup wasn't fancy?
I could call to my shoes in the morning like a dog?
movies were real?
this is all a movie?
I went to Steak N Shake twice yesterday?
Dave Matthews Band didn't suck?
clothes didn't get dirty?
I was allergic to oxygen?
people had gills?
I could remember to remember things?
there were 30 hours in a day?
I sneezed and my brains flew out?
the giant bean in Millenium Park is actually a kidney?
my face was upside down?
my reflection didn't exist?
humans shed their skin like snakes?
real life was like video games?
video games were actually like real life?
people stopped leaving their houses all together?
all food tasted like chicken?
all drinks tasted like chicken?
chicken tasted like grape soda?
physical objects could travel over a modem?
The Matrix has me?
you could call God?
I didn't just think of that Joan Osborne song?
trees released mustard gas instead of oxygen?
I was attacked by a giant mutant spider?
I had no arms and had to hit buttons with my face?
it was hot in winter?
it was cold in summer?
there were giant Post-It notes?
everyone was a twin?
all twins were pairs of good and evil?
people could split their good and evil halves into two people at will?
my skin melted?
fingernails were painful to cut?
grass didn't exist?
time wasn't a constant?
I could teleport to somewhere else instantly?
people could clone themselves at will and then morph back together?

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modestalchemist said...

by far, my favorite what if section that i have read so far. aside fromt eh one about the hokey pokey... these were the most unique.

check out my page sometime, because i'm going to write about some of these.